Our skils

Since 2005, ANGERIS has been assisting institutional investors in their acquisition transactions for different types of assets until delivery:

  • ANGERIS has developed an expertise in the management of complex operations with various problems that have resulted in successful projects and achieved returns.
  • ANGERIS receives recognition from its peers

Since the end of 2017, ANGERIS has been mandated as an asset manager on behalf of a pool of institutional investors to optimise and enhance the value of some of their complex real estate investments by organising themselves with a tightly-knit team:

  • bring real asset management experience;
  • to ensure regular and clear information through quality reporting;
  • to carry out all missions successfully, drawing on additional expertise, if necessary, for specific subjects;
  • To ensure a “long term” presence in order to maintain the acquired knowledge and relationship with the partners and to build a relationship of trust and proximity.
  • The core team is chosen for the competence of its profiles, their versatility and their complementarity in terms of seniority and prior expertise.

Asset Management Contact


Laurence Sprung

Head of the Asset Management Department